Application Requirements

Company benefits:

1. Enjoy the national statutory holidays, and important holidays will be given holiday gifts or cash benefits;

2. The company will purchase five social insurances for employees, and regularly purchase commercial supplementary insurance for serious illnesses and accidents for employees;

3. Enjoy statutory paid holidays such as paid annual leave, paid marriage leave, and paid funeral leave stipulated by the national labor law;

4. Enjoy the company’s full attendance award, overtime allowance, travel allowance and overtime supper allowance and other humanized management welfare subsidies;

5. The company regularly organizes employee gatherings and tours, regular parties, and year-end annual meeting cash draws and other benefits;

6. National high-tech enterprise, the industry direction is rising, priority is internal promotion, fairness, fairness and transparency, and a bright future is waiting for you!

Contact Information of Human Resources Department:

Contact: Miss Gao (Human Resources Department) 0755-29881586

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